Palermo Tile, Kitchen & Bath


Excavation Services: Digging Deep for Your Vision

Our expert excavation services encompass:

1. Foundation Preparation:
From residential to commercial projects, we prepare the groundwork by excavating and leveling sites for solid foundations.

2. Drainage Solutions:
Strategic excavation to implement effective drainage solutions, ensuring water flows away from structures to protect your property.

3. Pool Installation Support:
Whether you’re envisioning a backyard oasis or a community pool, our excavation services lay the foundation for seamless pool installations.


Why Choose Palermo’s Excavation Services:

– Precision and Efficiency:
Our experienced team executes excavation with precision and efficiency, ensuring the integrity of your project.

– Safety First:
We prioritize safety measures in every step of the excavation process, adhering to industry standards.

– Tailored Solutions:
Every project is unique, and our excavation services are customized to meet the specific requirements of your vision.

At Palermo Tile, Kitchen and Bath, we’re not just about interiors; we’re about transforming your entire space. Contact us today to discuss your excavation needs, and let’s bring your outdoor vision to life.